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The Litter Box


26 April 1988
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If I see that Fu*&ing cat ONE MORE TIME...
.Box 1 Hello there! My name is Helena and you have stumbled into my personal journal. I'm a 21 year old college who likes to blab endlessly about fandoms, puppies, crack pairings and RPing. If for some odd reason this strikes your fancy, drop me a line and I'll friend you. .Box 2
RPs I'm involved in:
sumabura_gakuen An AU high school RP based around the Super Smash Brothers games.
diamondcity_rpg A Nintendo (along with a few other game franchises) RPG that revolves around Diamond City and Starbeans Cafe.
zenithia_rpg Another AU high school RP but with a steampunk theme. This one is open to almost any video game character.
.Box 3 More to come later...
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